Own a part of an off-road paradise for as little as $100 down and $100 per month!

Welcome to the closest residential lots you can find to Ocotillo Wells. From this development, you can ride from your lot straight into the popular 80,000 acre Ocotillo Wells SVRA area.  Ocotillo Wells has an incredible variety of desert terrain, from dunes to roads to rocky canyons, and has terrain that's perfect for all of your off-road vehicles.
Enjoy the incredible off-road terrain at Ocotillo Wells.

Invest in Your Future

Where else can you buy affordable land for future development with sewer and water services to the property line next to an off-road mecca? The off-road industry has great growth indicators, with more people purchasing off-road vehicles and interested in off-roading as a hobby (source), a great reason to invest in land near popular off-road destinations like Ocotillo Wells. 
This tract consists of 190 lots and was acquired by My Desert Properties LLC several years ago to start what will become an off-road park in the coming years. My Desert Properties LLC will be selling off a total of 100 lots at this insanely rock bottom price in hopes that new buyers will build beautiful homes in the future.  Although there are currently no homes at this location, the lots do come with paved roads, water, and sewer lines to the property. Power is off of s22 and Pole Line Rd.
My Desert Properties LLC is also preparing to build a tiny home community, consisting of ninety 400sq ft to 700sq ft tiny homes complete with a concrete RV pad on each lot! This will be a  vacation home experience like no other!  The tiny home community will be very similar to Glamis North and will be rented daily, weekly and seasonally, helping the area to become a vacation destination for off-road enthusiasts throughout California and beyond. My Desert Properties LLC is currently in negotiations with Imperial County and will begin feasibility studies next year, bringing a lifelong dream to reality.

If you decide to take advantage of our low prices you can enjoy the lot for camping while you work to build your dream vacation home. Keep in mind that these lots are residential and cannot be used for storage of any kind without a permit from the county. 
Join a new community of off-road enthusiasts! 

You can own a part of off-road paradise with as little as $100 down and $100 per month, we are also offering six months same as cash with zero interest!! The payments will remain the same throughout the entirety of the loan. Since we are the lender, there is no credit check or lengthy applications. It's quick and easy! Please look at our FAQ section for more information.

We have many contiguous lots so if you want to buy more than one or the whole block. It's up to you. Buy now before these prices go up March 1st 2020.

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