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Reasons To Buy In Salton City

Check out this quote from the experts of Earth Island Journal

"The 100,000-acre Salton Sea Known Geothermal Resource Area is one of the most productive geothermal reservoirs in the country, containing up to 2,000 megawatts of new energy potential."

You will love to owning land in a location on track to become Californias largest energy producer and largest contributor of raw lithium materials! You'll also love to get land for affordable prices that have the potential to increase dramatically over time.

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Diego Sanchez

“When the pandemic started I was looking for a perfect escape. Found GetLandToday.com and found an affordable piece of land that I can go to whenever I feel like I need to get away.”

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Camila Rodriguez

"Making my dream come true of owning land has made me feel so good about myself. I finally have something to pass on to my children."

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Juan Guiterrez

"Owning land is one of the most freeing accomplishments possible. The more I own, the more I know my family is protected in the future."

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