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Lithium Valley is the premier destination for anyone looking to invest in the future of clean energy.

Located in the heart of the United States (California), Lithium Valley is home to one of the world's largest lithium deposits, making it a vital hub for the production of electric vehicle batteries, smartphones, laptops, bluetooth headphones, gaming controllers, drones, portable speakers, smartwatches, electronic cigarettes, remote controls, even electic toothbrushes.

At GetlandToday.com, we are proud to offer a range of properties in Lithium Valley that are ideal for investors, entrepreneurs, and anyone who wants to be at the forefront of the clean energy revolution. Whether you are looking for a large plot of land to build a factory, or a small piece of property to start your own sustainable business, we have something for everyone.

Investing in Lithium Valley is not only a smart financial decision, but also an investment in the future of our planet. By supporting the growth of clean energy technologies, you can help reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and protect the environment for generations to come.

So why wait? 

Browse our selection of properties in Lithium Valley today and start investing in a brighter, cleaner, profitable future.

What the professionals are saying

Gavin Newsom | Governor of California

“We’re building a hub for global innovation while ensuring this transformation benefits communities right here in Imperial Valley. California is poised to become the world’s largest source of batteries, and it couldn’t come at a more crucial moment in our efforts to move away from fossil fuels. The future happens here first – and Lithium Valley is fast-tracking the world’s clean energy future.”

Karin Eugenio | Division 5 Board of Directors

The 100,000-acre Salton Sea Known Geothermal Resource Area is one of the most productive geothermal reservoirs in the country, containing up to 2,000 megawatts of new energy potential. Currently, 11 geothermal power plants are located along the Sea’s southern shore, and the Imperial Irrigation District estimates that the industry could contribute $2 billion to Salton Sea restoration programs over the next 30 years. Additionally, this geothermal brine is also estimated to contain what could be North America’s largest deposits of lithium, which, if extracted, could prove even more lucrative. (The soft, alkaline metal, which is commonly extracted from brines and clays, is in high demand since it’s a key component of many electronic devices, from iPhones to electric car batteries.)

Limited global lithium supply

The majority of the world's lithium reserves are concentrated in a few countries, such as Chile, Argentina, and Bolivia. By investing in a piece of land in a lithium-rich region, you can potentially benefit from the limited global supply and increasing demand for lithium.

Increasing Demand For Lithium

The demand for lithium is increasing rapidly due to its use in rechargeable batteries for electric vehicles, smartphones, laptops, and othr electronic devices. As the world shifts towards renewable energy and electric vehicles, the demand for lithium is expected to grow even further!


Governments in countries with large lithium reserves are often supportive of the development of the lithium industry. This can lead to favorable policies, incentives, and infrastructure development, which can further boost the value of your investment.

Diversification of Portfolio

Investing in a piece of land in Lithium Valley can also provide diversification to your investment portfolio as it is a non-traditional investment that is not directly correlated to the stock, bond, or traditional real estate market.

Lithium Valley Lots Starting at $300,000

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Asked Questions

What types of properties do you offer?

We offer a variety of land options including residential, agricultural, commercial, lithium commercial, and recreational properties. Our inventory is constantly changing, so we encourage you to check back frequently for new listings.

How can I finance my land purchase?

We understand that purchasing land can be a significant investment, which is why we offer a variety of financing options to fit your needs.
We specialize in land loans, and our team can help you find the best financing option for your situation.

Can I visit the property before making a purchase?

Yes, we encourage all potential buyers to visit the property before making a purchase. Our team can provide you with the property's location and directions, as well as any other relevant information to help you plan your visit. 

What are the zoning restrictions for the properties?

Zoning restrictions can vary depending on the location and type of property. We make every effort to provide detailed information on the zoning restrictions for each property we list on our site. If you have specific questions, our team can help you navigate any zoning or land use questions you may have. 

What is the purchasing process like?

Our purchasing process is designed to be simple and straightforward. Once you find a property you are interested in, you pay your downpayment online or by contacting our team directly. From there, we will guide you through the closing process and answer any questions you may have along the way.
  • If you haven’t found the answer you need, email us at Michael@GetLandToday.com